Web 3.0

Blockchain is the present of technology, use its powerful tools and update your brand to the web 3.0 decade

Does your company still not have a digital presence? Is your website more than 5 years old and does not have modern tools to increase your sales conversion rate? Do you want to give a solid image on the web and also be linked to the main social networks that your customers use every day? Digital Kitsune will take care of every step of your digital transformation and update your business today! You just have to tell us what the goals of your company are for this year and we will take care of proposing a comprehensive plan so that your digital presence is modern, impactful and manages to communicate the more efficient sales message to your customers and users. Our work policy is that every dollar invested in your digital presence has a real conversion rate to increase the profits of your company.

Our Web 3.0 services include:

1. Development of custom NFTs for events (product launches, weddings, concerts, sporting events), private brands, non-governmental institutions, non-profit foundations, charity events, private artists and art galleries

2. Development of smart contracts for the purchase-sale-rental of real estate and durable goods

3. Development of crypto tokens (cryptocurrencies) for brands that seek to create loyalty programs using the blogchain